Friday, December 31, 2010

Quick list of 2010

Dad died.  October 19.

Became staff at AJE.  November 27.

Finally started the novel.  November 1.

Digging out.  All year.

Surgery.  September 7.

Sushi in a Yokohoma mall.  November 14.



Improved knitting and gardening skills.  Not so much on the photography or videography.

Signs the midlife crisis is imminent: Thinking about taking up electric guitar.  Hanging out in the toy section of Target with nary a thought of my nieces or nephew.  Wondering if my anti-Botox position is too much protesting.

A renewed acquaintance with the written page, cold lemonade, sunblock and a maillot on the back porch.

Realizing it's time to shed my skin, just when I'm feeling most vulnerable.

See ya, 2010,