Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No pity parties here

I've been feeling out of sorts in recent weeks -- the state of my industry, the state of my life, a nasty bout of bronchitis -- imagine how I'd feel had I actually made some new year's resolutions!

And then this evening, I find out that a distant acquaintance on the West Coast, a lovely girl who co-owns a salon with her sister, has an aggressive form of brain cancer.  The kind that can outwit the best oncologists and treatments out there.


If I thought that losing my mom to lung cancer six years ago would permanently eliminate pity parties from my own life, I was wrong -- see the first paragraph -- but now the news about RP has me shaken to the core.

Live your life right now.  Quit holding your breath, people.  Be good to everyone you meet -- it's a mitzvah.