Friday, May 1, 2009

Sticks and Stones...

So, one of my favorite knitting bloggers got totally flamed today by a "designer" who didn't like her review of his design in the VK Holiday 2008 issue.  It's one thing to say, "Hey, I'm sorry you didn't like the design, but I had to make compromises in my vision to get the design published" and classily ignore (is that a word?  "classily?" anyway...) any attacks on your intelligence, your looks, your taste, etc.

It's another thing to get in the gutter and get personal.  Like they used to say on Ricki Lake, "You don't know me!"  You lose all your moral superiority, and the other person comes out looking like the hero.  Of course, I'm biased toward the knitting blogger, so there.

Here's what I said in the comments for her post (where she reprinted the guy's classless emails):

Touchy, touchy. I've always wondered about what really goes on in the minds of men who design women's clothes. 

More specifically, I've always had what I thought was the irrational belief that there was some misogynistic and control-freak tendencies at work in the minds of said male designers.

At least in Mr. Bennett's case, I don't think my belief is all that irrational.

Tip from someone who's in the public eye thanks to her job: it doesn't matter what they say about you -- what matters is that you're getting attention. No such thing as bad publicity. Clearly he didn't get that memo either.

And can we mention that Mr. Blackwell made a decades-long career out of insulting women's fashion choices -- and by extension their intellect? (See my thought about men designers and the way they view women above...)

And in what has to be the best expression of my state of mind right now: "unterag" -- pronounced in bad German as "oon der rag." :-D

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